The Owl in Autumn: A Splendid Mural Depicting Nature’s Majesty

the owl in autumn treepack and hoodo

Artistic Collaboration

  • Title: The Owl in Autumn
  • Creators: Treepack, Hoodo
  • Date Created: 2019
  • Location Created: Genk, Belgium
  • Type: Mural
  • Rights: Treepack
  • Medium: Spray paint on wall
  • Art Genre: Nature
  • Art Movement: Street Art

Artistic Description

“The Owl in Autumn,” a mural brought to life by the collaboration of Treepack and Hoodo, stands as a vivid depiction of nature’s elegance. The artwork showcases an owl, artistically crafted in the ambiance of autumn. The piece is characterized by its balanced color palette, evoking a sense of harmony and tranquility.

Creators and Collaboration

Treepack, known for murals and street art, teamed up with Hoodo to create this masterpiece. Their joint efforts have resulted in an exceptional portrayal of the owl, capturing the essence of the autumn season with remarkable finesse.

Medium and Location

The medium utilized to create this awe-inspiring mural is spray paint on a wall, providing an urban canvas for the artists to convey their vision. Located in Genk, Belgium, this artwork contributes to the city’s artistic landscape.

Artistic Significance

Representing the art genre of nature and belonging to the street art movement, “The Owl in Autumn” stands as an emblem of creative expression and reverence for the natural world. Its intricate details and captivating portrayal of the owl encapsulate the beauty of wildlife in a vibrant urban setting.

Rights and Recognition

Treepack holds the rights to this mural, signifying the artist’s ownership and contribution to the cultural landscape. This artwork, with its splendid execution, contributes to the enrichment of street art in Belgium.

This mural celebrates the beauty of nature and demonstrates the artists’ talent in capturing its essence through the lens of street art.

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