The Power of Imagination: Boamistura’s Poetic Murals in Malaga

the power of imagination makes us infinite boamistura

Illuminating Urban Spaces

In the vibrant city of Malaga, Spain, the mural titled “The power of imagination makes us infinite” stands as a testament to the transformative power of urban art. Created in July 2013, this mural is a collaborative effort by the highly respected collective of urban artists known as Boamistura, reflecting their commitment to bridging the gap between mass culture and art.

Boamistura: Architects of Creativity

Hailing from Madrid, Boamistura has earned international acclaim as leaders in the realms of architecture, design, and urban art. The collective’s approach is characterized by a deep connection to the native communities they engage with, fostering collaboration and creating art that resonates with the local context. Boamistura’s work is poetic, conveying positive messages that celebrate humanity and its boundless imagination.

Details of Creation

  • Title: The power of imagination makes us infinite
  • Creator: Boamistura
  • Date Created: July 2013
  • Location Created: Navalón Street, Malaga
  • Program: MAUS (Málaga Arte Urbano Soho)

A Mural with a Message

“The power of imagination makes us infinite” is more than just a mural; it’s a visual narrative that encourages viewers to explore the limitless potential of their imagination. Located on Navalón Street in Malaga, the mural is not only a contribution to the city’s artistic landscape but also a reflection of Boamistura’s commitment to uplifting communities through their creative endeavors.

Bridging Mass Culture and Art

Boamistura’s collaborative approach involves engaging the native people in each project, creating a seamless connection between mass culture and art. This unique method allows the collective to infuse their creations with authenticity, ensuring that the murals resonate with the local population while contributing to a global dialogue on the power of imagination and positivity.

MAUS Program: Urban Art in Soho

The mural is part of the MAUS program (Málaga Arte Urbano Soho), a platform that promotes and celebrates urban art in the Soho district of Malaga. Boamistura’s contribution adds to the program’s mission of transforming urban spaces into dynamic canvases that engage, inspire, and reflect the diverse cultural tapestry of the city.


“The power of imagination makes us infinite” serves as a beacon of creativity in Malaga, embodying Boamistura’s dedication to infusing urban spaces with positivity and imagination. As the mural graces Navalón Street, it becomes a testament to the collective’s belief in the unbounded potential of human creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s urban fabric.

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