Boamistura: Crafting Urban Poetry in Málaga

think a wish and go out and get it boamistura

Title: Think a wish and go out and get it

  • Creator: Boamistura
  • Date Created: 2013-07-04
  • Location Created: San Lorenzo Street, Málaga

Unveiling the Urban Poetry of Boamistura

About Boamistura

  • Name: BoaMistura
  • Origin: Madrid, Spain
  • Specialization: Architecture, Design, Urban Art
  • Philosophy: Connecting Mass Culture and Art

BoaMistura, a Madrid-based collective of urban artists, stands as a beacon in the realm of international art, architecture, and design. Renowned for their innovative approach, BoaMistura intertwines native cultural elements seamlessly into each project, fostering a profound connection between mass culture and the realm of art.

The Artistic Odyssey: “Think a wish and go out and get it”

Date and Location

  • Date Created: 2013-07-04
  • Location Created: San Lorenzo Street, Málaga, Spain

The mural titled “Think a wish and go out and get it” is a testament to BoaMistura’s unique artistic voice. Executed as part of the MAUS program at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga, this piece breathes life into the urban landscape of San Lorenzo Street in Málaga.

A Glimpse into Boamistura’s Philosophy

Artistic Philosophy

  • Approach: Poetry in Art
  • Messages: Positive, Inspirational
  • Audience: People-centric

Boamistura’s work is a delicate dance of poetry and visual aesthetics. Each mural carries a positive and inspirational message, resonating with people on a profound level. Their artistic philosophy revolves around creating not just art but experiences that uplift and inspire.

Connecting People through Urban Art

Collaborative Endeavors

  • Collaborative Approach: Engaging Native People
  • Result: Stronger Connection with Local Culture

What sets BoaMistura apart is their collaborative ethos. In every project, they actively involve the local community, bridging the gap between art and the cultural tapestry of the location. This approach results in a stronger, more authentic connection with the people they aim to reach.

Note: The information provided is based on reliable sources and documentation available up to the last knowledge update in January 2023.

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