Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon: Celebrating #EarthDayStreet2014

thrashbird and renee gagnon earthdaystreet2014 andrea lahue thrashbird and renee gagnon

Title: Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon #earthdaystreet2014, Andrea LaHue

Creator: Thrashbird, Renee Gagnon

Date Created: 2014-04-21

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

The Intersection of Art and Environmentalism

Introduction to Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon

In the heart of Los Angeles, artists Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon converged in 2014 to create a visual ode to Mother Earth as part of the #EarthDayStreet2014 initiative. This collaborative masterpiece, documented by photographer Andrea LaHue, captures the essence of environmental consciousness blended with artistic expression.

A Creative Commemoration

Date: April 21, 2014

On the auspicious occasion of Earth Day 2014, Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon embarked on a mission to celebrate the beauty of our planet through the language of street art. Their work became a symbol of unity, emphasizing the importance of environmental awareness in urban spaces.

The Canvas of Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

The bustling streets of Los Angeles, known for their diverse cultural landscape, became the canvas for Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon’s collaborative endeavor. The lot curated by Jason Ostro near the Gabba Gallery provided the perfect backdrop for this environmental art installation.

Capturing the Moment

Photographer: Andrea LaHue

Documenting this unique fusion of art and activism was accomplished through the lens of photographer Andrea LaHue. Her images not only freeze the visual spectacle created by Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon but also serve as a testament to the power of art in conveying important messages.

Keywords that Echo: #EarthDayStreet2014

Subject Keywords: earthday, earthdaystreet, earthdaystreet2014

In the world of hashtags and social media activism, Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon chose #EarthDayStreet2014 to amplify their message. These keywords became a digital rallying point, allowing the global community to engage with their creation and join the conversation about environmental stewardship.

Random Act Projects: A Platform for Expression


Random Act Projects served as the platform for showcasing this collaborative masterpiece. The blog,, became a virtual gallery, extending the reach of Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon’s creation beyond the physical streets of Los Angeles.

Preserving Rights, Preserving Art

Rights: All rights Andrea LaHue

Acknowledging the importance of artistic ownership, all rights to the documented images belong to Andrea LaHue. This commitment to preserving the integrity of the art ensures that Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon’s creation is immortalized with the respect it deserves.

Medium of Expression: Spraypaint, Aerosol, Stencil

Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon navigated the realm of street art using the versatile medium of spray paint, aerosol, and stencils. Their choice of tools reflects not only their technical skill but also their dedication to the spontaneity and fluidity inherent in street art.

Conclusion: Art with Impact

Thrashbird and Renee Gagnon’s collaborative work for #EarthDayStreet2014 stands as a testament to the potent intersection of art and environmental activism. Through vibrant visuals and powerful symbolism, they remind us that the streets we walk can be both a canvas for creativity and a stage for meaningful dialogue about our planet.

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