Mart: A Maestro of Street Art in Buenos Aires

tira mart

Title: Tira

Creator: Mart

Date: 2010/2013

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mart, an illustrious Argentine street artist, emerged onto the bustling streets of Buenos Aires at a tender age of 12. He became an integral part of the initial surge of New York-influenced graffiti that permeated Argentina in the 1990s. His journey as an artist evolved over the years, transitioning from the graffiti scene to refining his craft and creating distinctive murals with a unique artistic approach.

Early Beginnings and Influences

Starting in the streets of Buenos Aires, Mart’s graffiti roots laid the foundation for his artistry. He was deeply influenced by the first wave of New York-style graffiti that swept across Argentina. Over time, Mart’s artistic evolution led him to depart from traditional graffiti techniques and explore new horizons.

The Distinctive Style

Mart’s artistry is characterized by refined aerosol techniques that manifest in figurative murals with sketch-like lines. His murals are known for their whimsical nature, bringing life to the streets of Buenos Aires with charming and personality-filled depictions.

Transition to Gallery Works

Transitioning from the streets to gallery spaces, Mart showcases his signature aerosol lines in a different light. His gallery works translate these trademark lines using pen and ink. Through intricate and detailed works, Mart retains the vivacity and allure of his street paintings, providing an insight into his artistic evolution.

Legacy and Impact

Mart’s impact on the street art scene in Buenos Aires is profound. His journey from graffiti to refined street murals and gallery works symbolizes the evolution and versatility of an artist dedicated to honing his craft. His distinctive style and unique approach continue to captivate audiences, leaving an enduring mark on the art landscape of Buenos Aires.


Mart’s artistry, from the streets of Buenos Aires to the galleries, epitomizes the fusion of traditional graffiti techniques with refined artistic expressions. His journey represents a captivating evolution and a testament to the profound influence of street art on the cultural fabric of Argentina.

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