Unveiling Akacorleone and Kruella d’Enfer’s Masterpiece

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Creator: Corleone & Kruella

Title: Tour Paris 13, 2ème étage, Appartement N° 924
Date: 2013
Location Created: 5 rue Fulton, 75013 Paris, France
Type: Acrylic, Spray
Provenance: Galerie Itinerrance

The Collaboration of Corleone & Kruella

The second floor, Apartment No. 924 of Tour Paris 13 housed a masterpiece conceived by the collaborative effort of Akacorleone and Kruella d’Enfer. Hailing from Portugal, this dynamic duo brought their unique artistic flair to the heart of Paris.

Acrylic and Spray: Unveiling a Mural

Employing a blend of acrylic and spray techniques, Corleone & Kruella transformed the apartment’s walls into a canvas bursting with color and creativity. The mural’s details and intricacies likely captivated onlookers, offering a glimpse into the artists’ vibrant imaginations.

Street Art 13: A Platform for Innovation

This masterpiece was part of the larger Street Art 13 project, a celebration of urban artistry that transformed the entire building into a visual spectacle. The initiative, supported by Galerie Itinerrance, showcased the talents of numerous international street artists, adding diversity and richness to Paris’s cultural landscape.


Akacorleone and Kruella d’Enfer’s contribution to the Tour Paris 13 project marked a significant chapter in the evolution of street art. Their collaborative efforts and distinct techniques transformed an ordinary space into a living testament to creativity, cultural exchange, and the power of artistic expression.

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