Marko 93’s Artistic Ascent: Tour Paris 13, 4ème étage, Appartement N° 944

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Exploring the Fourth Floor Canvas

In the heart of Paris, France, Marko 93 left an indelible mark on the urban landscape with his creation titled “Tour Paris 13, 4ème étage, Appartement N° 944.” This spray-painted masterpiece, nestled within Street Art 13, showcases Marko 93’s prowess in transforming spaces into vibrant visual narratives.

The Artistic Visionary: Marko 93

Creator: Marko 93
Creator Nationality: French
Creator Gender: Male

Marko 93, a French artist known for his mastery in the world of street art, took the helm of “Tour Paris 13, 4ème étage, Appartement N° 944.” As a male creator, Marko 93’s artistic vision resonates through the vibrant streets of Paris.

A Parisian Canvas: 5 rue Fulton

Date: 2013
Location Created: 5 rue Fulton, 75013 Paris, France
Longitude: 2.371994
Latitude: 48.838384

The chosen location for this captivating piece is 5 rue Fulton, situated in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The coordinates (longitude: 2.371994, latitude: 48.838384) pinpoint the exact spot where Marko 93’s artistic expression became an integral part of the urban fabric.

Provenance and Gallery Affiliation: Galerie Itinerrance

Provenance: Galerie Itinerrance

The piece finds its origin and association with Galerie Itinerrance, a renowned gallery dedicated to promoting and showcasing street art. The collaboration between Marko 93 and Galerie Itinerrance solidifies the symbiotic relationship between street artists and established art institutions.

The Medium of Expression: Spray

Type: Spray

Marko 93’s chosen medium for “Tour Paris 13, 4ème étage, Appartement N° 944” is the humble spray can. Through the meticulous control of this versatile tool, the artist brings to life a vivid and intricate tapestry of colors, shapes, and meanings, contributing to the dynamic world of street art.

Conclusion: Marko 93’s Spray-Painted Legacy

“Tour Paris 13, 4ème étage, Appartement N° 944” stands as a testament to Marko 93’s ability to transcend traditional artistic boundaries. As viewers encounter this piece in the bustling streets of Paris, they become participants in the dialogue between the artist, the city, and the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary street art.

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