Exploring Tour Paris 13: Maz’s Captivating Creation

tour paris 13 9C3%A8me %C3%A9tage appartement n%C2%B0 991 maz
  • Title: Tour Paris 13, 9ème étage, Appartement N° 991
  • Creator: Maz
  • Creator Nationality: Saudi
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Date: 2013
  • Location Created: 5 rue Fulton, 75013 Paris, France

Maz: The Street Artist from Saudi Arabia

Maz, the talented street artist hailing from Saudi Arabia, left an indelible mark on the Street Art 13 scene in Paris in 2013. His contribution to the renowned Tour Paris 13 project, particularly at the 9th floor, Apartment No. 991, is considered a vibrant testament to his artistic finesse.

Creation Amidst Urban Canvas

At 5 rue Fulton, 75013 Paris, France, Maz transformed the space, employing spray as his medium of choice. The environment became his canvas, where his artistry unfolded with striking precision and imaginative prowess, adding another layer of depth to the already vibrant street art culture in Paris.

Provenance and Artistic Affiliation

Galerie Itinerrance, known for fostering street art talent and providing platforms for urban artistry, was the provenance for Maz’s exceptional creation. His association with this renowned gallery adds significance to his contribution to the Street Art 13 project.

Creative Expression with Spray

Maz’s technique with spray paints showcased his ability to merge cultural influences, captivating themes, and arresting visuals within the confines of an apartment in Tour Paris 13. The walls were his canvas, and through his artistry, Maz brought life and vibrancy to this urban space.

Conclusion: Maz’s Street Art Legacy

Maz’s work at Tour Paris 13, particularly on the 9th floor, Apartment No. 991, remains a significant testament to his artistic talent and innovative approach. His unique style and ability to transform spaces into compelling visual narratives continue to resonate within the tapestry of Parisian street art.

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