Sebastien Preschoux: String Installation at Tour Paris 13

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The Artwork: String Installation by Sebastien Preschoux

In 2013, French artist Sebastien Preschoux contributed a remarkable string installation as part of the Street Art 13 exhibition within the Tour Paris 13 building located at 5 rue Fulton, Paris, France. This installation was specifically situated on the 9th floor in Apartment No. 994.

The Artist: Sebastien Preschoux

Sebastien Preschoux, a male French artist, is known for his innovative approaches to art installations. His string-based installations often captivate audiences with their intricacy and unique visual appeal.

Location and Creation

The string installation crafted by Preschoux was a highlight within the Street Art 13 exhibition held at Tour Paris 13. Situated on the 9th floor of the building, Apartment No. 994 became a canvas for Preschoux’s creative expression.

Medium and Provenance

Preschoux’s artistry involves the use of strings as a medium, creating captivating geometric patterns and intricate designs. The installation was part of the exhibits organized by Galerie Itinerrance, showcasing the artist’s affiliation with this prominent gallery.

Type of Art: String Installation

The artwork by Sebastien Preschoux falls under the category of string installation, highlighting his unique mastery in using strings as a medium to create visually striking and engaging art pieces.


Sebastien Preschoux’s string installation at Tour Paris 13, specifically at Apartment No. 994 on the 9th floor, stands as a testament to the artist’s creativity and ability to transform spaces into immersive art experiences. His string-based artwork remains a remarkable inclusion in the Street Art 13 exhibition, contributing to the diverse array of artistic expressions within Paris’s urban landscape.

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