Pantonio and Ludo: Collaborative Street Art at Tour Paris 13

tour paris 13 extC3%A9rieur pantonio ludo

The Artists: Pantonio and Ludo

The collaboration between Pantonio and Ludo in the creation titled “Tour Paris 13, Extérieur” marked a significant presence in the Street Art 13 project in Paris, France. While information about Pantonio and Ludo’s collaboration is detailed, specific individual details remain limited.

Creation Details

Titled “Tour Paris 13, Extérieur,” this collaborative piece by Pantonio and Ludo was manifested in 2013. Situated at 5 rue Fulton, 75013 Paris, France, the artwork was executed using a combination of pasting and acrylic techniques, showcasing their artistic prowess in mixed mediums.

Artistic Collaboration and Location

The location, managed by Galerie Itinerrance, served as a canvas for Pantonio and Ludo’s joint expression. The mural’s geographical coordinates, at longitude 2.371994 and latitude 48.838384, pinpoint the specific place where this collaborative street art was brought to life.

Medium and Provenance

Utilizing pasting and acrylic, Pantonio and Ludo’s artistic synergy allowed them to blend their distinctive styles into a cohesive and engaging visual narrative. The artwork’s provenance under Galerie Itinerrance signifies its place within the larger street art movement in Paris.


Pantonio and Ludo’s joint creation, “Tour Paris 13, Extérieur,” serves as a testament to their collaborative spirit and artistic synergy. Their combined effort in utilizing pasting and acrylic techniques to adorn the streets of Paris underscores the dynamic nature of street art collaborations, leaving an enduring impression within the Street Art 13 project.

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