Michael Webb: Master Muralist Extraordinaire

tribute to julian abele michael webb and photo by steve weinik

Title: Tribute to Julian Abele

Creator: Michael Webb, Photo by Steve Weinik

Date Created: 2011-04-30

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Location Created: Philadelphia, PA

External Link: Mural Arts Program

Michael Webb: Master Muralist Extraordinaire

  • Creator: Michael Webb

Michael Webb, a master muralist with an extraordinary vision, unveils the iconic “Tribute to Julian Abele.” His artistic prowess and dedication to storytelling through murals have left an indelible mark on the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

The Inspirational Figure: Julian Abele

  • Date Created: 2011-04-30

The mural pays homage to Julian Abele, a pioneering African-American architect and the first to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Architecture. Abele’s legacy is interwoven with Philadelphia’s architectural tapestry, including landmarks like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Free Library.

Weaving History: Michael Webb’s Technique

Michael Webb, through his muralist brushstrokes, intricately weaves historical figures, blueprints, and architectural imagery to create a visual symphony paying tribute to Julian Abele. The mural becomes a living narrative, capturing the essence of Abele’s contributions to the architectural landscape.

Philadelphia’s Canvas: A Mural Arts Masterpiece

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Location Created: Philadelphia, PA

Situated within the vibrant city of Philadelphia, the mural becomes an integral part of the urban canvas. Webb strategically places his creation in the heart of the city, allowing residents and visitors to engage with the rich history and cultural significance encapsulated within “Tribute to Julian Abele.”

A Glimpse into the Legacy: Steve Weinik’s Lens

The artistic journey is captured through the lens of photographer Steve Weinik. His photographs offer a glimpse into the nuanced details and emotional resonance embedded in Webb’s mural, preserving the legacy of both the artist and his muse, Julian Abele.

Mural Arts Program: Fostering Creativity and Community

Michael Webb’s “Tribute to Julian Abele” finds a home within the Mural Arts Program, an initiative dedicated to transforming spaces and lives through art. This external link provides a portal into the broader canvas of mural artistry, showcasing the diverse range of projects and artists supported by the program.


In the heart of Philadelphia, Michael Webb’s “Tribute to Julian Abele” stands not just as a mural but as a testament to the power of art to celebrate and immortalize cultural icons. Through Webb’s skillful storytelling, the mural becomes a living testament to Julian Abele’s impact on the architectural heritage of both Philadelphia and the United States.

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