The Artist: Empty Boy

tv star empty boy

Delve into the urban artistry of Empty Boy, the creative mind behind “TV Star.” This captivating piece emerged in 2011, casting its brilliance on the vibrant canvas of Bogotá’s street art landscape. Explore the details of this creation that has become an integral part of Colombia’s rich cultural tapestry.

The Artist: Empty Boy

  • Title: TV Star
  • Creator: Empty Boy
  • Date: 2011
  • Location Created: Bogotá, Colombia

Unveiling “TV Star”

“TV Star,” a masterpiece born from the hands of Empty Boy, adds a unique flavor to Bogotá’s street art scene. The streets of Colombia’s capital become a gallery as this creation engages passersby and enthusiasts alike.

Bogotá Street Art: A Dynamic Canvas

Bogotá, known for its dynamic and evolving street art culture, provides the perfect backdrop for Empty Boy’s expression. “TV Star” joins the ranks of other urban masterpieces, contributing to the city’s visual narrative.

The Essence of “TV Star”

The details and intricacies of “TV Star” reveal Empty Boy’s distinct artistic style. Whether conveying a message or simply evoking emotion, this piece encapsulates the essence of the artist’s vision at that moment in 2011.

Empty Boy’s Artistic Evolution

Beyond “TV Star,” Empty Boy’s journey in the realm of street art is a story of evolution and exploration. The artist’s portfolio may hold additional gems that showcase a progression in style, technique, and thematic elements.

Bogotá as a Creative Hub

Bogotá’s streets have long been a breeding ground for artistic expression. Empty Boy’s contribution with “TV Star” adds to the city’s reputation as a hub for creativity, where the walls themselves become a canvas for socio-cultural commentary.


“TV Star” by Empty Boy is not merely a mural; it is a piece of Bogotá’s identity, woven into the fabric of the city’s vibrant street art culture. As viewers engage with this creation, they become part of the dialogue, experiencing the convergence of artistic expression and urban exploration in the heart of Colombia.

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