Creator: Never2501

unknown never2501

Creator: Never2501

Date Created: 2013

Location Created: Plac Kaszubski Street, Gdynia, Polska

The enigmatic artist known by the pseudonym Never2501 left an indelible mark in Gdynia, Poland, through an intriguing artwork under the project named “Unknown” hosted by Traffic Design.

Illuminating Creativity

Never2501, an artist shrouded in anonymity, chose Plac Kaszubski Street in Gdynia as their canvas to unleash their artistic prowess. The artwork created in 2013 was a testament to the artist’s imaginative depth, although the specifics and nuances of this piece remain concealed behind the artist’s elusive identity.

Traffic Design Initiative

The project hosted by Traffic Design likely aimed to infuse creative energy into public spaces, inviting artists to transmute mundane walls into captivating visual narratives. Never2501’s contribution, named “Unknown,” possibly added an element of mystery and intrigue to the urban landscape of Plac Kaszubski Street in Gdynia.

Legacy of Anonymity

Never2501’s deliberate choice to remain unknown adds an additional layer of fascination to the artwork, sparking curiosity and inviting viewers to interpret the piece without the context of the artist’s persona. The anonymity paradoxically becomes an integral part of the artwork itself, leaving an enigmatic legacy in Gdynia’s urban art scene.


The legacy of Never2501’s artistry in Gdynia stands as a testament to the transformative power of street art. Through the “Unknown” artwork created in 2013 on Plac Kaszubski Street, Never2501 initiated a conversation that transcends the conventional boundaries of art, inviting viewers to engage with the piece and explore the mystery behind the veil of anonymity.

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