Creators: ALIEN y JUSTUNO, SP Crew

untitled alien y justuno sp crew

Creators: ALIEN y JUSTUNO, SP Crew

Date: November 11, 2012

Location: Pedro de Luján 2402-2500, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Event: Meeting of Styles, All in One Festival 2012

Type: Street Art

Discovering the Artistry: SP Crew, Alien, Justuno


In the dynamic realm of street art, a masterpiece took form in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 11, 2012. The untitled mural, a collaborative effort by ALIEN y JUSTUNO of SP Crew, stands as a testament to the creative prowess that blossoms when artistic minds converge.

The Collective Brilliance

SP Crew: A collective that transcends individual identities, SP Crew, known for its diverse and innovative street art, brings together artists who share a passion for urban expression.

ALIEN y JUSTUNO: Hailing from Venezuela, ALIEN y JUSTUNO are integral parts of SP Crew, contributing their unique perspectives and artistic styles to the collective’s collaborative endeavors.

The Timeless Creation

Executed within the framework of the Meeting of Styles, All in One Festival in 2012, this untitled mural captures a moment frozen in time. The festival served as a melting pot of creativity, providing a platform for artists to converge and transform the urban landscape.

Location: Pedro de Luján 2402-2500

The mural finds its physical presence at Pedro de Luján 2402-2500, Buenos Aires. This strategic location becomes a canvas for SP Crew, ALIEN, and JUSTUNO to weave their artistic narratives into the fabric of the city.

The Essence of Street Art

As a testament to the spirit of street art, this untitled creation embodies the ephemeral yet enduring nature of the medium. It is an unspoken dialogue between the artists and the city, a visual poetry that speaks to those who traverse the streets of Buenos Aires.

Meeting of Styles, All in One Festival

The mural’s origin within the Meeting of Styles, All in One Festival further emphasizes the collaborative and inclusive nature of the street art community. It is not merely a mural; it’s a celebration of diversity and a reflection of the vibrant cultural tapestry of Buenos Aires.

Preserving the Legacy

While the mural itself is an ephemeral creation, its documentation ensures that the essence of SP Crew, ALIEN, and JUSTUNO’s collaboration is preserved. The untitled masterpiece becomes a chapter in the ongoing narrative of Buenos Aires’ ever-evolving street art scene.

Note: The untitled mural by SP Crew, featuring the artistic brilliance of ALIEN y JUSTUNO, stands as a captivating testament to the collaborative spirit of street art. This exploration delves into the details of the mural, its creators, and the cultural resonance within the Buenos Aires urban landscape.

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