Discovering Bartek Świątecki’s Untitled Gem

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  • Creator: Bartek Świątecki aka Pener
  • Date: 2014-01
  • Physical Location: Poland, Gdansk, Ogarna Street, 9

Discovering Bartek Świątecki’s Untitled Gem

Introduction to the Artwork

Creator: Bartek Świątecki aka Pener
Date: January 2014
Location: Ogarna Street, 9, Gdansk, Poland

In the heart of Gdansk, Poland, at Ogarna Street, number 9, a remarkable piece of street art stands as a testament to the genius of Bartek Świątecki, known in the artistic realm as Pener. This untitled masterpiece, adorned on the walls of the Urban Forms Gallery, encapsulates Świątecki’s unique style, a blend of graffuturism and futuristic architectural design.

Graffuturism Unleashed: Pener’s Signature Style

Bartek Świątecki’s Artistic Approach

Renowned for his work that seamlessly merges abstraction with traditional graffiti, Bartek Świątecki, under the pseudonym Pener, has become a notable figure in the global street art scene. The piece at Ogarna Street, created in January 2014, showcases his distinct style, often referred to as graffuturism.

Geometric Marvels: Pener’s Visual Language

Exploring Angular Forms and Futuristic Design

Świątecki’s work is characterized by geometric groupings and angular forms that pay homage to futuristic architectural design. His images, as seen in the untitled artwork, create a visual language that speaks to the intersection of abstract expressionism and the structured world of graffuturism.

The Urban Forms Gallery: A Canvas for Pener’s Expression

Poland’s Art Hub in Lodz

  • Location: Lodz, Poland
  • Gallery: Urban Forms Gallery

The Urban Forms Gallery in Lodz serves as the canvas for Pener’s expression. This hub for urban art has been a platform for renowned street artists, and Pener’s contribution undoubtedly adds to the gallery’s legacy.

Acknowledging Bartek Świątecki’s Influence

References and More

To delve deeper into Bartek Świątecki’s artistry and explore his portfolio, visit The website provides a glimpse into the mind of the artist and the various facets of his impactful work.

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