The Artists

untitled carlos diaz danilo nerf pum pum jaz and stencil land

In a vibrant celebration of artistry and collaboration, an extraordinary painting session unfolded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This unprecedented event saw the convergence of a talented group of artists, each lending their unique vision and technique to a captivating mural. Led by Brazilian artist Carlos Diaz, this gathering was a testament to the beauty of artistic fusion.

The Artists

The collaborative effort featured a roster of remarkable talents, including Stencil Land, Carlos Diaz, Jaz, Danilo, Nerf, and Pum Pum. Each artist brought their distinct style and creative energy to the canvas, contributing to the eclectic and dynamic nature of the artwork.

A Tribute to Creativity

This creative endeavor served as a tribute to Carlos Diaz, who visited Buenos Aires for an exhibition at the Hollywood in Cambodia gallery. The occasion was marked by a painting session, orchestrated to commemorate Diaz’s presence, providing a platform for diverse artists to converge and showcase their skills.

A Fusion of Styles

Despite the inherent diversity in their artistic approaches, these visionary creators collaborated harmoniously. Each artist’s individual style seamlessly interwove with the others’, creating a visual symphony of forms, colors, and stories.

The Collaborative Process

The group worked cohesively, sharing the canvas and space while showcasing their respective artistic expressions. Amidst this collaboration, Jaz and Danilo orchestrated a remarkable moment, portraying colossal characters engaging in an enthralling battle within the mural.

Legacy of Creativity

The legacy of this collaborative artwork remains embedded in the streets of Buenos Aires, a vibrant testament to the power of collective creativity and the ability of artists to unite, transcend boundaries, and create captivating narratives through their craft.


The mural, born from the collective imagination and skill of Stencil Land, Carlos Diaz, Jaz, Danilo, Nerf, and Pum Pum, stands as a testament to the diversity and unity found within the world of street art. It encapsulates the beauty of artistic collaboration, serving as an ever-inspiring reminder of the transformative power of creative partnerships.

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