The Untitled Graffiti: A Creation in 2013


Deco Farkas, known by his artistic moniker “Treco,” stands as a prominent figure in São Paulo’s street art landscape. Graduated in Fine Arts at FAAP, Treco’s multifaceted talents encompass video, animation, drawing, and painting, showcasing his versatility in blending various artistic languages.

The Untitled Graffiti: A Creation in 2013

Treco’s untitled graffiti creation, stemming from his artistic prowess, emerged in 2013 on Rua Bruxelas, 74, São Paulo, SP. This mural, a reflection of Treco’s innovative and diverse artistic expressions, became a notable addition to the city’s vibrant street art tapestry.

Treco’s Artistic Diversity

His background in Fine Arts and proficiency in various creative mediums allowed Treco to bring a distinctive flair to his street art endeavors. His ability to merge different artistic languages in his graffiti showcases his adaptability and inventiveness as an artist.

The Street Artistry of Treco

As a graffiti artist, Treco’s work embodies a fusion of styles and influences, contributing to São Paulo’s rich urban art scene. His mural at Rua Bruxelas, 74, reflects not just his artistic skills but also his contribution to the dialogue and culture of street art in the bustling city.

Preserving Rights and Sharing Art

Treco, asserting his rights to his artwork, maintains ownership and creative control over his creations. Additionally, through external platforms like Flickr, Treco shares his art with a wider audience, contributing to the documentation and visibility of São Paulo’s street art heritage.


Treco’s untitled graffiti creation on Rua Bruxelas, 74, São Paulo, represents a convergence of diverse artistic languages, showcasing his proficiency and innovation within the city’s street art scene. His multifaceted talents and commitment to exploring various creative realms continue to solidify Treco’s place among São Paulo’s esteemed graffiti artists, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

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