2501: Italian Artist’s Mural in Atlanta

2501 2501

About the Artist

Italian artist 2501, known for his distinctive and intricate style, made a remarkable mark on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Renowned for his unique blend of abstract and figurative art, 2501’s murals often showcase a fusion of organic shapes and fluid lines, creating visually compelling and thought-provoking pieces.

The Mural: Summerhill, Atlanta

In August 2013, 2501 contributed to the artistic landscape of Atlanta by creating a mural in the Summerhill neighborhood, situated next to Turner Field. This mural was a notable addition during the 2013 Living Walls Conference, an event that brings together artists to transform the city’s public spaces into vibrant canvases.

Style and Technique

2501’s mural in Summerhill, Atlanta, was a testament to his expertise in utilizing bold lines and intricate patterns. His work often combines elements of geometry with flowing, organic forms, creating a dynamic interplay between structure and fluidity. Through his distinct visual language, he aimed to captivate viewers and engage them in a dialogue about the environment and society.

Living Walls Conference

The Living Walls Conference provided a platform for artists like 2501 to redefine urban landscapes and encourage conversations through art. 2501’s mural was a representation of this initiative, where creativity intersected with community engagement, transforming a blank wall into an engaging artwork.

Impact and Legacy

2501’s contribution to the Summerhill neighborhood added a vibrant and artistic dimension to Atlanta’s urban fabric. His mural, a testament to his artistic prowess, not only beautified the area but also resonated with the passersby, encouraging dialogue and appreciation for street art.


Through his mural in Summerhill, Atlanta, 2501 left an indelible mark, showcasing his artistic brilliance while contributing to the cultural richness of the city. His work continues to inspire and engage, highlighting the power of art in transforming public spaces and fostering connections within communities.

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