2501: Crafting Meaningful Brushstrokes at MURAL Festival 2014

2501 mural festival 2014 panorama 2501

2501: The Artistic Maestro

  • Name: 2501
  • Event: MURAL Festival 2014
  • Date of Artwork: June 12-15, 2014
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Title: 2501 – Mural Festival 2014 – panorama
  • Creator: 2501
  • Location Created: 2060, St-Domique

2501, the artistic virtuoso, exhibited his prowess at the MURAL Festival 2014 held in Montreal, Canada. Renowned for his masterful line work, 2501’s artistry captures movement and significance, conveying the artist’s message through every stroke of the brush.

Line Work Mastery

The defining trait of 2501’s artistry lies in his expert command of line work. Whether consistent or varied in width and pattern, each stroke encapsulates movement and depth, instilling layers of meaning into his artistic creations. His meticulous attention to detail amplifies the message behind each brushstroke.

MURAL Festival 2014 – Panorama

The mural titled “2501 – Mural Festival 2014 – panorama,” created by 2501 during June 12-15, 2014, on St-Domique Street, showcased the artist’s exceptional talent. The mural, a panoramic testament to 2501’s intricate line work, became a focal point of the MURAL Festival, captivating audiences with its nuanced expression.

Conveying Meaning through Brushstrokes

2501’s brushstrokes, be it uniform or diverse in nature, transcended the mere aesthetic realm, delving deeper into the realm of storytelling. Each stroke carried purpose, weaving a narrative that resonated with viewers, inviting interpretation and reflection.


2501’s participation in the MURAL Festival 2014 in Montreal marked a significant display of his artistic expertise. Through his masterful line work and compelling brushstrokes, 2501 continues to leave an indelible mark on the art scene, captivating audiences with his ability to infuse meaning and movement into every stroke of his creations.

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