Beastman’s “5.31.11” at 5Pointz, NYC

5 31 11 beastman

Beastman’s Creation at 5Pointz

In 2011, the Australian street artist known as Beastman left his mark at 5Pointz, an iconic graffiti and street art hub in Long Island City, New York City. The piece, titled “5.31.11,” represents Beastman’s artistic contribution within the vibrant art scene of New York.

The Artwork’s Location

Beastman’s creation was situated at the corner of Jackson Ave and Crane St in Long Island City, adding a distinctive touch to the dynamic urban landscape of the area. The specifics of the artwork’s content and dimensions are not detailed, leaving the visual representation to the observer’s imagination.

Beastman’s Creative Identity

Beastman, recognized for his unique geometric patterns and animalistic motifs, is an acclaimed Australian artist celebrated for his bold and captivating street art. His work often intertwines natural elements with geometric shapes, creating visually striking compositions that engage the viewer.

5Pointz as an Artistic Hub

5Pointz, often referred to as “The Institute of Higher Burnin,'” was a renowned graffiti mecca where artists from around the world converged to exhibit their talent. It served as an outdoor art exhibition space, showcasing a diverse array of graffiti and street art creations.

Beastman’s Contribution

Beastman’s piece “5.31.11” stands as a testament to his artistic prowess and his ability to leave an indelible mark in a prominent artistic space like 5Pointz. The artwork joined the rich tapestry of urban art at 5Pointz, contributing to the cultural significance of the site within the street art community.

Conclusion: Beastman’s Impact

Beastman’s artwork “5.31.11” at 5Pointz, although lacking specific details about its visual content, represents the artist’s immersion in the vibrant street art scene of New York City. The piece symbolizes Beastman’s contribution to the diverse and ever-evolving world of urban art at one of its most iconic locations, 5Pointz.

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