El Seed: Bridging Cultures Through Urban Art – 5Pointz

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The Artist: El Seed

El Seed, a Tunisian male artist born in 1981, made a significant impact in the world of street art through his creation titled “5Pointz” in 2013. Known for his innovative approach to calligraphy and his commitment to interweaving cultures through art, El Seed’s contribution to the Street Art 13 project in Paris echoes his global recognition as a muralist.

The 5Pointz Mural

In 2013, El Seed ventured to New York, USA, to create the piece titled “5Pointz.” This mural, executed with the medium of spray paint, stands as a testament to El Seed’s unique artistic vision, merging graffiti and calligraphy to foster cultural dialogue.

Creator’s Nationality and Influence

Hailing from Tunisia, El Seed’s North African roots often influence his artwork. His style often involves the intricate blending of Arabic calligraphy with contemporary street art techniques, presenting a harmonious amalgamation of cultures within his creations.

Artistic Significance and Provenance

The “5Pointz” mural, backed by Galerie Itinerrance, not only showcases El Seed’s technical prowess but also highlights the thematic depth of his work. It serves as a symbol of cultural exchange and artistic expression in the heart of New York City.


El Seed’s “5Pointz” mural, created in 2013 in New York, stands as a testament to the artist’s skillful fusion of calligraphy and street art. El Seed’s legacy continues to transcend borders, advocating for cultural unity and dialogue through vibrant and impactful murals.

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