“7.26.13” – Leias’ Graffiti at 5Pointz

“7.26.13” – Leias’ Graffiti at 5Pointz
“7.26.13” – Leias’ Graffiti at 5Pointz
  • Title: 7.26.13
  • Creator: Leias
  • Date: 2013-07-26
  • Physical Location: Long Island City
  • Location Created: Jackson Ave at Crane St Long Island City, NY 11101 United States

The Graffiti

On July 26, 2013, the talented graffiti artist Leias left an artistic imprint at 5Pointz in Long Island City, New York City. Known for their captivating and expressive style, Leias’ work added vibrancy and creativity to the iconic 5Pointz building.

Leias’ Artistic Presence

The graffiti work showcased Leias’ unique artistic approach and creativity, transforming the walls of 5Pointz into a captivating display of street art. Their distinctive style contributed to the diverse and dynamic collection of graffiti that defined 5Pointz as a renowned haven for urban art.

Long Island City’s 5Pointz

5Pointz, often referred to as “The Institute of Higher Burnin’,” served as a haven for graffiti artists and a revered landmark for street art enthusiasts. It was an iconic location where artists, like Leias, could freely express themselves through their art, contributing to the rich tapestry of New York City’s urban landscape.


Leias’ graffiti piece on July 26, 2013, added yet another layer of creativity and expression to the dynamic world of street art at 5Pointz in Long Island City. Their work, among many others, contributed to the vibrant cultural heritage that once flourished within the walls of this iconic location, leaving a lasting impact on the world of urban art in New York City.

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