7.29.13: Dynamic Graffiti Collaboration by Tripel and Azone

7 29 13 tripel and azone


Title: 7.29.13

  • Creators: Tripel and Azone
  • Date: 2013-07-29
  • Physical Location: Long Island City
  • Location Created: Jackson Ave at Crane St, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States

Overview: A Mural Chronicle

In the vibrant streets of Long Island City, New York, the collaborative graffiti masterpiece titled “7.29.13” stands as a visual testament to the dynamic creativity of street artists Tripel and Azone. Created on July 29, 2013, this mural captures the essence of the urban art scene, boldly displayed at the intersection of Jackson Ave and Crane St.

Creators in Focus: Tripel and Azone


  • Date of Collaboration: 2013-07-29

Tripel, one-half of the artistic duo behind “7.29.13,” brings a unique style and flair to the collaborative canvas. With a passion for graffiti, Tripel’s contribution to the mural is a vibrant expression of individuality within the collective creation.


  • Date of Collaboration: 2013-07-29

Azone, the other half of this creative partnership, adds layers of artistic complexity to “7.29.13.” Their collaborative effort with Tripel reflects the intersection of diverse artistic perspectives, resulting in a mural that resonates with the spirit of the urban environment.

The Setting: Jackson Ave at Crane St, Long Island City

Situated at the bustling junction of Jackson Ave and Crane St, Long Island City, “7.29.13” becomes an integral part of the local landscape. This strategic location ensures that the vibrant graffiti creation by Tripel and Azone is not just art but an immersive experience for passersby.

Preserving Urban Art: A Snapshot Frozen in Time

The mural, frozen in time on July 29, 2013, becomes a snapshot of the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of street art. The collaboration between Tripel and Azone encapsulates a moment in the rich tapestry of New York City’s urban art scene.

Conclusion: A Collaborative Legacy in Graffiti

“7.29.13” by Tripel and Azone stands as a collaborative legacy, etched onto the walls of Long Island City. Beyond being a mural, it is a dynamic dialogue between two artists, a conversation that speaks to the essence of street art – fluid, expressive, and deeply rooted in the spirit of the city.

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