Unveiling “8.16.08” by Christian Cortes

Unveiling “8.16.08” by Christian Cortes
Unveiling “8.16.08” by Christian Cortes

Artist and Date

Christian Cortes, known for his vibrant street art, left a remarkable imprint on the walls of New York City on August 16, 2008, with his iconic piece titled “8.16.08.”

Street Art in NYC: A Canvas of Expression

Cortes found his canvas at 5Pointz, an artistic haven in Long Island City, where he unleashed his creative prowess. The site, situated at Jackson Ave at Crane St, became the stage for his evocative expression through street art.

The Essence of Cortes’ Work

Known for his distinctive style, Christian Cortes infused his art with vivid colors and intricate designs, creating an engaging and thought-provoking visual narrative. His work often captured the spirit of the city, addressing social and cultural themes that resonated with the urban landscape.

Legacy at 5Pointz

Cortes’ contribution to the vibrant art scene at 5Pointz during that August day solidified his legacy among the celebrated street artists of New York City. His artwork, “8.16.08,” added to the rich tapestry of urban art adorning the walls of Long Island City.


Through “8.16.08,” Christian Cortes, an artist with a distinctive style, left an indelible mark on the walls of New York City. His piece at 5Pointz stands as a testament to the city’s thriving street art scene and Cortes’ artistic ingenuity.

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