Jib’s Graffiti at 5Pointz: A Snapshot of Urban Artistry

8 16 13 jib


Jib: A Mysterious Street Artist

Jib, a street artist known for their enigmatic identity, left a mark within New York City’s vibrant street art scene. On August 16, 2013, Jib contributed to the artistic tapestry of the city with their graffiti artwork.

Graffiti at 5Pointz

The graffiti by Jib was prominently displayed at 5Pointz, a renowned hub for street art in Long Island City, New York City. Jib’s graffiti likely added to the diverse collection of urban artworks at this iconic location.

The Location and Physicality

Jib’s creation was specifically situated at Jackson Ave at Crane St in Long Island City. This particular graffiti piece became part of the visual landscape of the area, contributing to the artistic allure of the neighborhood.

Jib’s Artistic Contribution

Although details about Jib remain mysterious, their graffiti artistry left an impression within the street art community. Through their artwork at 5Pointz, Jib likely engaged in the expressive form of graffiti, further enriching the eclectic mix of artistic expressions present at the location.


Jib’s graffiti at 5Pointz stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to communicate through urban art, contributing to the diverse and dynamic culture of street art in New York City. The creation adds to the rich tapestry of graffiti and murals that characterize the city’s ever-evolving artistic landscape.

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