Stress: Graffiti Mural at 5Pointz, NYC

9 09 13 stress

Title: 9.09.13

Creator: Stress

Date: 2013-09-09

Location: Jackson Ave at Crane St, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States

Source: Street Art NYC

A Moment in Street Art History

Stress: The Urban Visionary

In the vibrant landscape of New York City’s street art scene, Stress emerges as an urban visionary, leaving an indelible mark on the concrete canvas. The mural, captured on September 9, 2013, stands as a testament to Stress’s contribution to the dynamic narrative of street art.

The Canvas: 5Pointz

Located in Long Island City, the mural finds its home at 5Pointz, an iconic graffiti and street art haven that became a cultural landmark. Stress’s work becomes part of the rich tapestry of 5Pointz, a space that celebrated the expressive power of aerosol art.

Date with Destiny: 9.09.13

On September 9, 2013, Stress brought forth a moment of artistic brilliance, translating thoughts into vibrant strokes on the walls of Long Island City. The date marks not just a chronological event but a chapter in the ongoing story of street art evolution.

Physical Location

The mural is strategically placed at Jackson Ave at Crane St, Long Island City, NY 11101. Stress chose this location with purpose, contributing to the visual dialogue of the neighborhood and adding to the collective narrative of 5Pointz.

Documenting Street Art: Street Art NYC

The documentation of Stress’s mural comes courtesy of Street Art NYC, a platform dedicated to capturing the dynamic and ever-changing world of street art in New York City. Through the lens of Street Art NYC, the mural is preserved for a wider audience, transcending its physical existence.

Preserving a Legacy

As the fate of 5Pointz took a turn in 2014 with its demolition, Stress’s mural, along with others, became a piece of history. While the physical space transformed, the documentation ensures that Stress’s contribution endures in the collective memory of street art enthusiasts.

Note: Stress’s mural at 5Pointz, captured on September 9, 2013, represents a moment of artistic brilliance in New York City’s street art narrative. This exploration unveils the details of the mural, its significance in the context of 5Pointz, and the role of Street Art NYC in preserving the essence of urban expression.

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