Cern: Mural Maestro of New York City

9 19 08 cern


Discovering Cern’s Artistry

Cern, a celebrated street artist, has established a significant presence within New York City’s vibrant street art scene. Known for his exceptional talent and distinctive style, Cern’s murals have become iconic representations of urban artistry.

The 9.19.08 Mural Masterpiece

In 2008, Cern crafted a mural titled “9.19.08” as part of the Street Art NYC project. This mural, located in Long Island City specifically at Jackson Ave at Crane St, within the precincts of the renowned 5Pointz, showcased the artist’s remarkable ability to breathe life into large-scale urban canvases.

Unveiling the Artistic Creation

The mural’s creation on August 19, 2008, bears testament to Cern’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to leaving an enduring mark within the New York City landscape. The location of this mural at 5Pointz, known for its role as an open-air graffiti museum, accentuated the cultural significance of Cern’s contribution to the site’s iconic collection of street art.

Close-up Perspective of Cern’s Mural

The mural, featuring a close-up of Cern’s artistic finesse, encapsulated a remarkable level of detail and intricacy. This close-up perspective allowed viewers to delve into the artist’s technique, admire the strokes, and appreciate the depth of storytelling embedded within the mural.

Cern’s Legacy in Long Island City

Jackson Ave at Crane St in Long Island City served as a canvas for Cern’s expressive artwork, contributing to the area’s cultural richness and urban aesthetics. Cern’s mural at 5Pointz further solidified his legacy as a revered street artist in New York City.


Cern’s “9.19.08” mural at 5Pointz stands as a testament to his artistic prowess and his ability to capture the essence of urban culture through large-scale street art. With its striking presence and intricate details, Cern’s mural continues to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts, solidifying his place as a luminary within New York City’s dynamic street art landscape.

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