Bhaktapur: Unveiling Nepal’s Artistic Expression

bhaktapur bandana tulachan sattya media art collective

The Artistic Vision

In 2013, Bandana Tulachan and the Sattya Media Art Collective initiated a groundbreaking project titled “Bhaktapur” at the Nepal Children’s Art Museum in Kathmandu. This endeavor sought to revolutionize Kathmandu’s landscape into a vibrant art gallery, interweaving modern creative expressions with the city’s ancient temples.

Kolor Kathmandu: A Transformative Initiative

The essence of the project, “Kolor Kathmandu,” symbolized a creative journey to infuse the city’s walls with contemporary artistic expressions. The endeavor aimed to foster a platform where local and international artists could merge their diverse artistic perspectives, creating a fusion of innovative artwork that mirrored the unique cultural fabric of Nepal.

A Multifaceted Collaboration

Encapsulating the essence of Nepal’s 75 districts, each mural represented a distinct cultural impression, contributing to the city’s metamorphosis into a canvas reflecting the country’s diversity. This open collaboration encouraged artists to exchange ideas, inspire each other, and learn from the rich cultural heritage woven into Nepal’s tapestry.

The Transformation of Maru: A Creative Hub

The specific mural “Bhaktapur” at Maru embodied the spirit of the project, transforming the streets into an open-air museum. Bandana Tulachan’s involvement in this initiative represented the female artistic prowess within Nepal, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Kathmandu’s urban art scene.


Through the “Bhaktapur” mural project initiated by Bandana Tulachan and the Sattya Media Art Collective, Kathmandu underwent a creative renaissance. This endeavor, encompassing the Kolor Kathmandu initiative, not only united artists but also redefined the city’s visual landscape, showcasing Nepal’s rich cultural heritage on the walls of its streets.

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