Unveiling “Billete de 500: Descolonizado” Mural

billete de 500 descolonizado enzo sam richy plek y mimo


Illuminating Resistance Through Art

  • Title: Billete de 500: Descolonizado
  • Creators: Enzo, Sam, Richy, Plek, and Mimo
  • Date: November 3, 2013
  • Physical Location: Los Arrayanes 702, Huechuraba
  • Location Created: Los Arrayanes 702, Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile

The Mural’s Cultural and Social Message

The mural, “Billete de 500: Descolonizado,” is a poignant artistic piece created by Enzo, Sam, Richy, Plek, and Mimo. This mural embodies the essence of resistance, addressing the crucial theme of decolonization in both individual and collective contexts.

Challenging Dominant Cultural Narratives

The artwork encapsulates the collective struggle towards decolonization, both at an individual and societal level. It confronts the impact of the dominant culture, urging a deeper examination of the imposed norms and patterns enforced by the prevailing system.

Resisting Dominant Systems

The mural signifies a collective call for resistance against the norms imposed by the capitalist system. It aligns with various movements, including feminist struggles, gender equity, resistance against violence towards oppressed groups, reviving the roots and cultures of indigenous communities, and combating capitalist objectification and alienation.

Reversing Symbolism: The 500-Peso Bill

The mural’s symbolic reversal of the 500-peso bill reflects a message of duality – the dominated and the oppressed. It echoes the resounding resistance voiced by the Mapuche communities, fervently advocating for the recovery of their ancestral territories.

Conclusion: An Artistic Protest for Change

“Billete de 500: Descolonizado” stands as an artistic protest, elevating the narrative of resistance against cultural dominance, capitalist norms, and advocating for the resurgence of indigenous heritage. Through this mural, the creators enunciate a profound call for societal change and decolonial liberation.

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