Unveiling Bordalo II’s Street Art: ARTSCAPE 2017

Unveiling Bordalo II’s Street Art: ARTSCAPE 2017
Unveiling Bordalo II’s Street Art: ARTSCAPE 2017

Title: Bordalo II – ARTSCAPE 2017

Creator: Bordalo II

Date Created: 2017

Location Created: Forshaga, Sweden

Type: Mural painting

Medium: Spray paint

Art Movement: Street Art

In the vibrant world of street art, Bordalo II stands as an influential figure, leaving an indelible mark with his ARTSCAPE 2017 project. The Portuguese artist, known for his distinctive style and environmentally conscious creations, showcased his talent through a notable mural painting titled “Half Muskox.”

The ARTSCAPE initiative in Malmö, Sweden, became the canvas for Bordalo II’s remarkable mural in 2017. Situated in Forshaga, Sweden, the mural made a striking statement with its use of spray paint, echoing the artist’s dedication to the street art movement.

Bordalo II’s creative prowess lies in his ability to repurpose discarded materials and trash, transforming them into breathtaking larger-than-life animal sculptures. The “Half Muskox” mural resonates with Bordalo II’s signature style, portraying a muskox – a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

The artist’s commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness is evident in his choice of materials. Utilizing discarded items like tires, bumpers, and other found objects, Bordalo II meticulously assembles them into striking 3D animal sculptures that blend seamlessly with his mural paintings.

This unique blend of street art and environmental activism characterizes Bordalo II’s body of work, reflecting a powerful statement about society’s consumption patterns and their impact on nature. His murals not only serve as aesthetically captivating artworks but also as thought-provoking pieces that highlight the urgent need for environmental preservation.

Through ARTSCAPE 2017 and his creation “Half Muskox,” Bordalo II once again showcased his ability to merge art, activism, and environmental consciousness into a single masterpiece. The mural stood tall in Forshaga, Sweden, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between human activity and the natural world.

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