Title: Zombie Rizal

zombie rizal gerilya

Creator: Gerilya

Date: 2013

Location Created: Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Type: Street Art

Medium: Acrylic Paint

Provenance: Gerilya

Gerilya: Redefining Filipino Street Art

Introduction to Gerilya

Gerilya, the creative force behind “Zombie Rizal,” stands as a prominent figure in the Filipino Street Art Project. Breaking free from conventional artistic norms, Gerilya brings a unique blend of creativity and social commentary to the streets of Metro Manila.

“Zombie Rizal”: A Masterpiece Unearthed

“Zombie Rizal” is a testament to Gerilya’s ability to infuse art with deeper narratives. The artwork, created in 2013 in the bustling urban landscape of Makati City, takes inspiration from the national hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal. However, Gerilya’s rendition transforms Rizal into a symbol of the undead, inviting viewers to contemplate themes of resilience and rebirth.

The National Identity in Undeath

Through the medium of acrylic paint, Gerilya breathes life into the undead, challenging traditional perceptions of heroes and national identity. “Zombie Rizal” serves as a visual commentary, questioning the immutability of historical figures and their relevance in the contemporary socio-political context.

Gender Fluidity in Street Art

Notably, Gerilya’s work defies gender norms, with both male and female creators contributing to the Filipino Street Art Project. This inclusivity reflects Gerilya’s commitment to breaking barriers and providing a platform for diverse voices in the street art scene.

Gerilya’s Digital Presence

Gerilya’s work extends beyond the streets of Metro Manila. With a notable online presence through gerilya.tumblr.com, the artist harnesses the digital realm to amplify the impact of street art, reaching a global audience.

Legacy of “Zombie Rizal”: A Visual Discourse

Gerilya’s “Zombie Rizal” is more than a mural on the streets of Makati City; it is a visual discourse that challenges preconceptions, celebrates diversity, and echoes the resilience of the Filipino spirit. Through this undead masterpiece, Gerilya continues to shape the narrative of Filipino street art.

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