Case Maclaim’s “Untitled” Mural – ARTSCAPE 2017

case maclaim artscape 2017 case maclaim


Artist Profile – Case Maclaim

Case Maclaim, a prominent figure in the world of street art, presented a remarkable mural during the ARTSCAPE 2017 event in Malmö, Sweden. The artist is renowned for his striking compositions, often depicting hyper-realistic human figures and scenes that captivate viewers worldwide.

The Mural at ARTSCAPE 2017

In 2017, Case Maclaim left an indelible mark on Karlstad, Sweden, with an impressive mural entitled “Untitled.” The piece was part of the Artscape initiative, known for transforming urban landscapes into vibrant galleries. Using spray paint as his medium, Case Maclaim’s mural showcased his distinctive style, blending hyper-realism with the raw energy of street art.

Artistic Technique and Style

Employing his mastery of the spray paint medium, Case Maclaim’s mural exhibited intricate details and a profound understanding of light and shadow. The artist’s unique approach to realism, especially in portraying human forms, demonstrated a fusion of technical skill and artistic vision.

Contribution to Street Art Movement

Case Maclaim’s work aligned with the ethos of the street art movement, blurring the boundaries between public space and art. Through this mural, he contributed to the cultural fabric of Karlstad, elevating the urban landscape into an immersive gallery accessible to all.


Case Maclaim’s “Untitled” mural at ARTSCAPE 2017 was a testament to the artist’s talent and the transformative power of street art. The mural served as a visual spectacle, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricacies of Maclaim’s distinctive style while making a lasting impression on the streets of Karlstad, Sweden.

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