Toxicómano’s Catrina: A Mural Masterpiece in Bogotá


Unveiling “Catrina”: Toxicómano’s Street Art Gem

Discovering the Essence of Catrina

Toxicómano, a prominent figure in the world of Bogotá Street Art, etched his name in the city’s creative landscape with the creation of “Catrina” in 2013. This mural, a testament to Toxicómano’s artistic prowess, has become a captivating symbol in the vibrant streets of Bogotá.

The Birth of Catrina: Toxicómano’s Creative Revelation

“Catrina” came to life in 2013, marking a pivotal moment in Toxicómano’s artistic journey. This mural, like many of Toxicómano’s works, is a fusion of skill, imagination, and a deep connection to the cultural fabric of Bogotá.

Location: Bogotá’s Canvas

Situated against the backdrop of Bogotá, Colombia, “Catrina” finds its home in the bustling streets of the city. Toxicómano strategically chose Bogotá Street Art as the canvas for his creation, ensuring that “Catrina” becomes an integral part of the city’s visual narrative.

Conclusion: Toxicómano’s Artistic Legacy

In the realm of Bogotá Street Art, Toxicómano’s “Catrina” stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to capture the essence of a city and its people through vibrant and expressive murals. As admirers and art enthusiasts encounter “Catrina” on the streets of Bogotá, they are invited to delve into the rich tapestry of Toxicómano’s creative mind and the cultural vibrancy that defines Bogotá Street Art.

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