“Caveira” by SHN – A Wet Paste Street Art in São Paulo

“Caveira” by SHN – A Wet Paste Street Art in São Paulo
“Caveira” by SHN – A Wet Paste Street Art in São Paulo


  • Title: Caveira
  • Creator: SHN (Art Collective)
  • Creator Lifespan: 1998
  • Creator Nationality: Brazilian
  • Creator Gender: Group
  • Creator Birth Place: Brazil
  • Date Created: 2013
  • Location Created: Ponte Eusebio Matoso, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Type: Wet Paste
  • Rights: SHN, Fran Parente


“Caveira,” created by the Brazilian art collective SHN, stands as a remarkable piece of wet paste street art in São Paulo. The collective, born in 1998 and known for its collaborative efforts, has left its mark on the urban landscape through diverse and engaging artworks.

SHN Collective and Collaborative Art:

SHN operates as an art collective, embracing a collaborative ethos that embodies a range of artistic styles and perspectives. With origins rooted in Brazil, the group’s approach to street art encapsulates innovation, unity, and the celebration of collective creativity.

“Caveira” and Wet Paste Technique:

The artwork “Caveira” showcases SHN’s mastery of the wet paste technique, a method known for its immediacy and ability to transform urban spaces swiftly. Placed strategically on the Ponte Eusebio Matoso in São Paulo, this piece possibly draws attention to the juxtaposition of traditional art forms within an urban environment.

Artistic Expression and Impact:

Through “Caveira” and other projects, SHN fosters artistic conversations, engaging the public with thought-provoking and visually compelling artworks. The collective’s dedication to creating immersive and impactful street art experiences contributes to São Paulo’s reputation as a vibrant hub for urban art.

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The “Caveira” artwork by SHN represents a collective effort that intertwines creativity, collaboration, and a keen eye for cultural significance. Embedded within São Paulo’s urban fabric, this wet paste piece exemplifies SHN’s dedication to reshaping public spaces through art, inviting passersby to engage and reflect upon its meaning and context.

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