Isaac Cordal: Unveiling Urban Alienation through Cement Eclipses

cement eclipses isaac cordal

Cement Eclipses: A Glimpse into Isaac Cordal’s Miniature Universe

  • Title: Cement Eclipses
  • Creator: Isaac Cordal
  • Date Created: September 2015
  • Location Created: Kirkegata 2, 4006 Stavanger, Norway
  • Type: Installation
  • Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Kalevkevad
  • Medium: Cement, acrylic paint
  • Art Genre: Figurative
  • Art Movement: Street Art
  • Art Form: Sculpture
  • Support: Wall
  • Depicted Location: Arkaden Torgterrassen

Isaac Cordal: Mastermind of the Cement Eclipses Project

Since 2006, the Spanish Galician artist Isaac Cordal has been captivating the world with his ingenious Cement Eclipses project. Cordal’s artistic repertoire extends beyond the conventional, encompassing small humanoid sculptures strategically placed in urban landscapes. Alongside these installations, Cordal’s body of work includes compelling photography, contributing to a nuanced exploration of the human experience within the urban sprawl.

Cement Eclipses: A Lilliputian Revolution in Urban Art

Measuring a mere 25 centimeters, Cordal’s miniatures, part of the Cement Eclipses series, find refuge in unexpected niches—cracks in the walls, corners of gutters, and other overlooked urban spaces. These diminutive figures, meticulously crafted from cement and adorned with acrylic paint, serve as a mirror to our existence, presenting a poignant diorama that lays bare the profound alienation experienced in the concrete jungle.

The Critical Dialogue: Urban Alienation in Focus

Cement Eclipses is not merely an art project; it’s a critical dialogue. Cordal’s miniature sculptures, mirroring human activities, provide a thought-provoking commentary on our relationship with the urban environment. Through his lens, we are confronted with the stark reality of alienation in the very spaces we inhabit daily.

Nuart Festival 2015: Cement Eclipses in Stavanger

In September 2015, Cordal brought his Cement Eclipses to Stavanger as part of the Nuart Festival. Kirkegata 2, 4006 Stavanger, Norway, became a canvas for Cordal’s miniature revolution, offering viewers a unique perspective on the interplay between art, humanity, and urban landscapes.

Isaac Cordal’s Legacy: Sculpting Narratives, One Miniature at a Time

Isaac Cordal’s Cement Eclipses project stands as a testament to his ability to weave narratives through the miniature. His sculptures, tucked away in the corners of cities, invite introspection, challenging us to question the dynamics of our urban existence. Cement Eclipses is not just an art installation; it’s a profound exploration of the human condition amidst the towering structures of modernity.

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