Crazy Orange Flower and Butterfly by Andrea LaHue

crazy orange flower and butterfly andrea lahue random act and andrea lahue
  • Title: Crazy Orange Flower and Butterfly, Andrea LaHue
  • Creator: Andrea LaHue
  • Date Created: 2010-06-05
  • Location Created: Los Angeles, California, USA

The Artistic Journey of Andrea LaHue

Andrea LaHue, a prominent street artist based in Los Angeles, California, created the vibrant mural titled “Crazy Orange Flower and Butterfly” as part of her Random Act Projects. This masterpiece was painted around June 5, 2010, just before LaHue embarked on her ambitious Summer 10 Cross Country Random Act of Flowers journey.

Exploring Nature through Urban Art

The mural showcases LaHue’s distinctive style, blending vivid colors and intricate details to depict a vibrant orange flower accompanied by a strikingly colorful butterfly. This mural is a testament to the artist’s fascination with the natural world, often expressed through her street art.

Random Act Projects: Spreading Beauty Across the Country

LaHue’s Random Act Projects, including the Summer 10 Cross Country Random Act of Flowers, aimed to spread beauty and positivity through art across different landscapes. Her works often evoke a sense of joy, incorporating elements of nature that resonate with viewers on a deeper level.

Medium and Execution

Utilizing outdoor house paint and hand-painting techniques, LaHue skillfully executed the Crazy Orange Flower and Butterfly mural, demonstrating her mastery of painting large-scale outdoor artworks. Her meticulous approach and use of vibrant colors contribute to the mural’s striking visual impact.


Andrea LaHue’s creation, Crazy Orange Flower and Butterfly, stands as a captivating testament to her artistry, depicting the fusion of nature and urban landscapes. Through her Random Act Projects, LaHue sought to spread beauty and positivity across the country, leaving behind vibrant, impactful murals that resonate with viewers and communities alike.

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