Exploring “Covet” by Crist Espiritu

covet crist espiritu

The Artist Behind “Covet”

Crist Espiritu, a male Filipino artist born in Parañaque City, Philippines, stands as the creative force behind the street art piece titled “Covet.” His birthplace serves as the foundational backdrop influencing his artistic expression and unique style.

Covet: A Street Art Masterpiece

The creation of “Covet” unfolded in February 2014 within the vibrant streets of Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. This striking artwork speaks volumes through its use of acrylic and spray paint, reflecting Espiritu’s artistic vision and technique.

Filipino Street Art Project

The Filipino Street Art Project provided the platform for Espiritu’s artistic endeavor, showcasing his skillful manipulation of mediums to craft “Covet.” As an integral part of this project, Espiritu’s work contributed to the rich tapestry of street art thriving in Metro Manila.

Medium and Inspiration

Utilizing acrylic and spray paint, Espiritu’s artistic finesse found expression on the walls of Makati City. “Covet” may reflect the artist’s introspection or his interpretation of the societal landscape, capturing the essence of urban life and the human experience.


“Covet” by Crist Espiritu represents a poignant expression of his artistic prowess, utilizing acrylic paint and spray techniques to create an evocative piece within the bustling streets of Makati City. Espiritu’s Filipino roots and the vibrancy of Metro Manila culminated in this mesmerizing street art endeavor.

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