Ecos: The Unknown Creator

desconocido ecos

“Desconocido,” a mural created by the enigmatic artist Ecos, graces the Open-Air Museum of San Miguel in Santiago, Chile. This artwork, shrouded in mystery, emerged in December 2013, becoming a distinctive feature within the outdoor art gallery.

Ecos: The Unknown Creator

Little is known about the creator, Ecos, including their lifespan and identity. The artist remains in the shadows, allowing “Desconocido” to speak for itself. Ecos’ choice to remain unknown adds an intriguing layer to the mural’s narrative.

A Moment in Time: December 2013

“Desconocido” came to life in December 2013, capturing a moment in the artistic timeline of Ecos. The mural’s creation during this period invites speculation about the inspirations and influences that shaped the artist’s vision.

Location: Coordinates of Creativity

The coordinates -33.494536, -70.651421 mark the birthplace of “Desconocido.” Located in Santiago, Chile, within the Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel, these coordinates become a point of connection between Ecos’ creativity and the urban environment.

Type: Mural

“Desconocido” falls within the category of a mural, transforming a blank canvas into a visual spectacle. Ecos’ choice of this artistic form allows the mural to engage with the public, becoming an integral part of the outdoor museum’s cultural landscape.


Ecos’ “Desconocido” is a testament to the power of anonymity in street art. The mysterious creator, choosing to remain in obscurity, invites viewers to immerse themselves in the visual language of the mural. As part of the Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel, “Desconocido” not only contributes to Santiago’s vibrant art scene but also exemplifies the ability of street art to transcend traditional boundaries and communicate with the public in a language of images and imagination.

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