Olfer: The Enigmatic Creator of “Desconocido”

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Title: Desconocido

  • Creator: Olfer (Perú)
  • Creator Lifespan: Unknown – Unknown
  • Date: 2012-10/2012-10
  • Location: -33.494536,-70.651421
  • Location Created: -33.494536,-70.651421
  • Type: Mural

Olfer: Unraveling the Mystery

In the vivid tapestry of Santiago’s street art scene, one name echoes with an air of mystery — Olfer. The artist, hailing from Peru, left an indelible mark with a mural titled “Desconocido,” a testament to Olfer’s enigmatic presence in the world of urban art.

Creator in Shadows: Olfer’s Identity Unknown

Olfer’s life spans the realm of unknown, wrapped in a cloak of anonymity. The artist, shrouded in mystery, chose to let the artwork speak louder than any personal details. “Desconocido,” which translates to “Unknown,” serves as both a title and a metaphor for the artist’s elusive identity.

Temporal Brushstrokes: “Desconocido” in October 2012

During the fleeting days of October 2012, Olfer’s creativity flourished on the open canvas of Santiago’s outdoor museum. The mural, a symphony of colors and forms, became a temporal masterpiece, captivating passersby and art enthusiasts alike.

Coordinates of Inspiration: Santiago’s Open Sky Museum

The mural finds its home in the Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel, an open-air gallery that transforms the streets into an ever-changing exhibition. Olfer’s choice of location adds another layer of significance to the artwork, blending seamlessly with the cultural tapestry of Santiago.

Conclusion: Olfer’s Legacy Lives On

Olfer, the mysterious maestro, left no breadcrumbs to trace the journey of a life unknown. Yet, “Desconocido” remains as a visual testament to the artist’s transient presence in the realm of Santiago’s street art. The mural, like Olfer himself, exists in the echoes of creative expression, leaving its interpretation to the beholder.

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