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Overview, an Argentine street artist known for his thought-provoking stencil works, created the iconic piece titled “Disney War.” This artwork gained immense recognition and spread globally due to its powerful commentary on the invasion of Afghanistan.

Artwork Description

“Disney War” stands as a response to the invasion of Afghanistan, featuring a distinctive portrayal that incorporates elements synonymous with Disney characters, hinting at the intermingling of popular culture with the grim realities of war. The piece, crafted using stencil on paper, measures approximately w46 x h58 cm.

Artist’s Identity

The artist,, is a male Argentine born in 1975. His identity is closely guarded, and he is recognized for maintaining anonymity while using the streets of Buenos Aires as his canvas.

Stencil Creation and Replication offered a digital template of “Disney War” to the public, inviting anyone interested to recreate the stencil. The availability of the digital template led to the rapid dissemination of the image worldwide, reflecting the power of art as a medium of expression and activism.

Artistic Impact

The impactful nature of “Disney War” lies in its ability to merge popular cultural symbols with socio-political commentary, stirring conversations and reflections on the global conflict and its intersections with popular media.


The work of, including “Disney War,” contributes to the rich tapestry of street art in Buenos Aires and beyond. The artist’s stencil works, particularly this piece, remain emblematic of street art’s ability to challenge societal norms and confront complex geopolitical issues through visual representation.

Please note: While the specific visual details of “Disney War” are not explicitly described, the piece’s impact as a stencil artwork addressing the invasion of Afghanistan by is documented and widely recognized within the global street art community.

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