Carrie Reichardt: Crafting Dissent Through Ceramic Mosaics

disobedience needed now carrie reichardt

Title: Disobedience Needed Now
Creator: Carrie Reichardt
Date Created: September 2017
Location Created: Nytorget 8, 4013 Stavanger
Type: Installation
Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Ian Cox
Medium: Printed ceramic tiles
Art Genre: Typographic / Historical
Art Movement: Street Art
Art Form: Mosaic
Support: Steps
Depicted Location: Nytorget

Craftivism Unleashed: The World of Carrie Reichardt

Carrie Reichardt, a British artist known for her distinctive blend of craft and activism, emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of street art. Operating under the self-styled label of ‘craftivist,’ Reichardt’s work is a dynamic fusion of politically charged messages and the tactile intricacy of ceramic art. With a career deeply rooted in community and public art projects, she has crafted a unique niche, leaving behind a tapestry of ceramic mosaics that echo songs of solidarity and activism.

Disobedience Needed Now: A Mosaic Testament

The installation titled “Disobedience Needed Now” stands as a testament to Reichardt’s unapologetic approach to art and activism. Created in September 2017 for the Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway, this standout piece showcases Reichardt’s distinctive technique. Departing from conventional muralist tools, she leverages the precision of mosaic art, employing printed ceramic tiles instead of traditional paint.

A Typographic Symphony

At Nytorget 8, 4013 Stavanger, Reichardt’s creation takes the form of a typographic masterpiece. The words “Disobedience Needed Now” resonate boldly, echoing the sentiments of dissent and the urgency for change. Her choice of typography, combined with the historical weight of the quote from Howard Zinn, the American historian, playwright, philosopher, and socialist thinker, adds layers of meaning to the installation.

Crafting Activism into Steps

Reichardt’s medium of choice, printed ceramic tiles, transforms the steps of Nytorget into a canvas of resistance. Each tile carries not just a visual aesthetic but a narrative thread, intricately woven with political consciousness. The installation challenges viewers to engage with activism on a tactile level, urging disobedience in the face of injustice.

Captured Moments: Nuart Festival 2017

The installation is immortalized through the lens of ©Ian Cox, capturing the essence of Reichardt’s craftivism. It remains a poignant example of how art, when infused with political discourse, can transcend conventional boundaries, inviting the audience to reconsider their role in the societal narrative.

Carrie Reichardt’s “Disobedience Needed Now” is more than an installation; it’s a call to action, a rebellion crafted in ceramic, and a reminder that even in the realm of art, disobedience can be a powerful force for change.

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