Pejac’s “Drift”: Blending Artistry with Social Commentary

drift pejac


  • Title: Drift
  • Creator: Pejac
  • Date Created: September 2015
  • Location Created: Erfjordgata 27, 4014 Stavanger
  • Type: Mural
  • Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Martha Cooper
  • Medium: Paint
  • Art Genre: Figurative
  • Art Movement: Street Art
  • Art Form: Painting
  • Support: Wall
  • Depicted Location: Private house

Unveiling the Masterful Artistry of Pejac

An Artist’s Distinct Visual Language

Pejac, a Barcelona-based fine artist, possesses a unique visual language in his artwork. His creations transcend boundaries, blending poetry and sensitivity, allowing him to critically explore societal and environmental concerns.

Artistic Strength through Diversity

Pejac’s portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, from paper and canvas to large-scale public interventions. His work weaves together classic art knowledge and elements of popular culture, revealing a profound understanding of art’s power to communicate poignant messages.

Provocative and Critical Themes

In “Drift,” Pejac pays homage to Norwegian master expressionist Edvard Munch and his iconic artwork, “The Scream.” Using the shadow figure of a small child, Pejac interprets Munch’s piece in a thought-provoking manner, adding layers of social commentary and depth to the mural.

Conclusion: A Fusion of Art and Societal Reflection

Pejac’s “Drift” epitomizes his ability to fuse artistic brilliance with socio-political reflection. His murals stand as critical reflections on contemporary issues, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers while retaining the essence of his distinctive style and vision.

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