“Drifting on a Memory” – A Fusion of Artistic Spirits

drifting on a memory retna nunca

Title: Drifting on a Memory

Creators: Retna, Nunca

Date Created: 2013

Physical Location: 1458 S. Cloverdale Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019

Collaborative Harmony: Retna and Nunca Unite

Artistic Fusion: The Collaboration

  • Creative Minds: “Drifting on a Memory” is the result of a harmonious collaboration between two renowned street artists – Retna from the USA and Nunca from Brazil.
  • Unity in Diversity: The mural reflects a fusion of artistic spirits, combining the unique styles and cultural influences of both artists.

Symbolism in the Streets: “Drifting throughout the World”

  • Meditative Essence: The mural carries a profound message, where “Drifting throughout the world” becomes not just a visual spectacle but a form of meditation in the bustling streets of Los Angeles.
  • Hand Significance: The hand sign featured in the artwork serves as a symbol of unity, adding a layer of depth to the piece.

Capturing Moments: Photo © Retna

  • Visual Documentation: The mural is immortalized through the lens of Retna, who captures the essence of “Drifting on a Memory” in a captivating photograph.
  • Artistic Photography: The photo becomes a visual artifact, preserving the transient nature of street art in a single frame.

Concrete Canvas: 1458 S. Cloverdale Ave.

  • Physical Presence: “Drifting on a Memory” resides at 1458 S. Cloverdale Ave., becoming an integral part of the urban landscape in Los Angeles.
  • Street Gallery: The mural transforms a mundane wall into a vibrant street gallery, adding a splash of creativity to the city streets.

External Link: “Drifting on a Memory” Online

  • Digital Access: For those unable to experience the mural in person, an external link provides online access, ensuring that the collaborative masterpiece reaches a global audience.
  • Interactive Engagement: The online platform allows viewers to delve deeper into the details and symbolism of “Drifting on a Memory.”

Conclusion: Street Art as a Universal Language

“Drifting on a Memory” stands as a testament to the universal language of street art. Through the collaboration of Retna and Nunca, this mural becomes more than paint on a wall; it is a meditation, a symbol of unity, and a shared memory drifting through the cultural tapestry of Los Angeles.

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