Biancoshock’s “Egocentric”: Redefining Urban Spaces in Stavanger

egocentric biancoshock

Unveiling “Egocentric”: Biancoshock’s Urban Intervention

Italian street artist Biancoshock left an indelible mark on the streets of Stavanger, Norway, during his visit to the Nuart Festival in September 2014. The creation of “Egocentric,” a thought-provoking urban intervention, transformed Domkirkeplassen into a canvas for challenging perceptions and engaging the public.

Biancoshock: The Urban Activist

Biancoshock considers himself more than just a street artist; he identifies as an urban activist. Hailing from Milan, Italy, he brings a unique perspective to his work, utilizing various techniques, materials, and subjects to disrupt routines and provoke new ways of interacting with urban environments.

The Ethereal Nature of Biancoshock’s Art

A defining characteristic of Biancoshock’s art is its ephemeral nature. His creations, including “Egocentric,” exist for a specific time, inviting viewers to engage with the transient beauty of his interventions. This approach challenges the conventional permanence associated with traditional art forms.

“Egocentric”: A Red Carpet Square

Located outside Stavanger Cathedral in central Stavanger, “Egocentric” took the form of a no-exit red carpet square. The boldness of this intervention, set against the historic backdrop, invited the public to question the boundaries of their surroundings.

Dimensions and Medium: Red Carpet, Stripes, Pole

Spanning 600 cm x 600 cm, the red carpet square of “Egocentric” dominated Domkirkeplassen. The use of a red carpet, complemented by stripes and a pole, showcased Biancoshock’s ability to transform everyday objects into thought-provoking installations.

Rights and Festival Collaboration: ©Nuart Festival

The realization of “Egocentric” was made possible through the collaboration with the ©Nuart Festival. This partnership highlights the significance of festivals in providing a platform for artists like Biancoshock to push the boundaries of street art and engage with diverse audiences.

Engaging with Cobblestone Support: Urban Integration

The support for “Egocentric” was the cobblestone ground of Domkirkeplassen. This intentional choice of support added an extra layer of urban integration, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between the installation and its surroundings.


Biancoshock’s “Egocentric” transcends the conventional boundaries of street art. Through a carefully crafted urban intervention, the artist challenges perceptions and invites the public to reconsider their relationship with space and surroundings. The red carpet square, with its temporary existence, serves as a testament to the power of art in reshaping urban experiences and sparking conversations about the intersection of creativity and daily life.

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