EKG’s Street Drawing at The Street Museum of Art

ekg ekg

Creator Profile

  • Artist: EKG
  • Date: 2014
  • Location Created: 234 W 13th St, New York, NY, United States

The Street Museum of Art Project

In 2014, an artist known as EKG contributed a street drawing as part of The Street Museum of Art project in New York City, United States. This endeavor aimed to integrate art into the urban landscape, using the city streets as a canvas for public art displays.

Location of EKG’s Creation

EKG’s street drawing was specifically situated at 234 W 13th St in New York, NY. This location served as the backdrop for the artist’s creative expression, showcasing their artwork within the bustling cityscape.

Provenance and Artistic Contribution

EKG was the sole creator of the street drawing, utilizing this opportunity to add their artistic touch to the Street Museum of Art project. Their contribution provided viewers with an engaging and thought-provoking visual experience as they navigated the streets of New York City.

Type of Artwork: Street Drawing

The creation by EKG fell under the classification of a street drawing, characterized by its temporary nature and its depiction directly on the city’s streets, inviting passerby to interact with the art form in its urban setting.

The Street Museum of Art Initiative

The Street Museum of Art initiative aimed to transform public spaces into art galleries, encouraging appreciation for art in unconventional settings. Artists like EKG played a crucial role in bringing art out of traditional galleries and into the streets for public enjoyment.

External Link

For more information, the artwork by EKG at The Street Museum of Art can be explored further through the provided link: [The Street Museum of Art](External Link: https://www.streetmuseumofart.org/)

This information provides insights into EKG’s contribution to the artistic landscape of New York City through their street drawing displayed as part of The Street Museum of Art initiative in 2014.

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