Ekta’s “Spelplan” Mural for No Limit Street Art Borås

ekta ekta

Creator Profile

  • Artist: Ekta
  • Date: September 4 to September 7, 2014

The Mural “Spelplan”

In 2014, the talented artist known as Ekta created the mural titled “Spelplan” as part of the No Limit Street Art Borås project in Borås, Sweden. This artwork was a significant addition to the city’s vibrant street art scene.

Location in Borås, Sweden

The “Spelplan” mural took shape within the city of Borås, Sweden. This mural’s placement in a public space contributed to the cultural fabric of the city, adding an artistic flair to the urban landscape.

Ekta’s Contribution to No Limit Street Art Borås

Ekta’s mural was a prominent feature of the No Limit Street Art Borås project, emphasizing the artist’s creative vision and contribution to the diverse range of artworks showcased during the event.

“Spelplan”: Ekta’s Artistic Expression

“Spelplan” encapsulated Ekta’s artistic expression, illustrating the artist’s unique style and perspective. This mural served as a canvas for Ekta’s creativity, engaging audiences and sparking conversations within the community.


Ekta’s “Spelplan” mural stands as a testament to the artist’s skill and creative vision within the framework of the No Limit Street Art Borås project. The artwork’s presence in Borås, Sweden, added depth and vibrancy to the city’s street art scene, showcasing Ekta’s unique artistic contribution to the urban landscape.

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