Praxis’s “Elephant”: A Mysterious Icon of Bogotá’s Street Art


The Artwork: “Elephant” by Praxis

In 2014, Bogotá, Colombia, bore witness to an intriguing piece of street art named “Elephant,” credited to the artist Praxis. This artwork, adorned with mystery and symbolism, became a distinctive part of Bogotá’s street art scenery.

The Artist: Praxis

Praxis, the artistic mind behind “Elephant,” maintains an aura of mystery. Limited information is available about the artist, leaving the audience curious about their identity, motivations, and the deeper meanings embedded within their creations.

“Elephant” in Bogotá

Situated within the streets of Bogotá, Colombia, “Elephant” stands as a silent but captivating testimony to Praxis’s artistic prowess. The mural, created in 2014, exists as a part of Bogotá’s rich and vibrant tapestry of street art.


“Elephant,” an artwork credited to Praxis, remains an enigmatic and thought-provoking addition to Bogotá’s street art landscape. Despite the limited details available about the artist and the mural, its presence within Bogotá continues to evoke curiosity and wonder among passersby and art enthusiasts, contributing to the city’s diverse artistic expression on its urban canvas.

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