Elephantlantis: A Mythical Fusion of Nature and Street Art Mastery

elephantlantis treepack gooze and bozik

The Visionaries: Treepack, Gooze, and Bozik

A Symphony of Colors and Shapes

  • Elephantlantis, born from the creative minds of Treepack, Gooze, and Bozik, stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of nature and street art mastery.

Dynamic Duo: Gooze & Bozik

  • The vibrant power of Elephantlantis springs from the collaborative genius of Gooze & Bozik, a dynamic duo hailing from Russia. Their stylish expertise brings life to the passageway, transforming it into an energy-generating source for passers-by.

A Dive into Mythical Waters: The Omalius Tunnel in Namur

An Oceanic Oasis in Namur

  • Nestled in the Omalius Tunnel in Namur, Belgium, Elephantlantis presents a mesmerizing spectacle. Street art elephants gracefully plunge into an ocean-like water source, creating an enchanting underwater realm.

Vibrating Power of Water: Radiating Vitality

  • The artwork pulsates with the vibrating power of water, an essential element brought to the forefront by design. The mural is not static; it radiates vitality, engaging with those who pass through the tunnel.

Gooze & Bozik: Masters of Imaginative Realism

Inspiration from Down Under

  • Gooze & Bozik draw inspiration from the old techniques of Australian Aborigines, infusing their style with the essence of dot painting. This unique approach seamlessly blends with the dynamic world of graffiti.

Mythical Imagery: Organic Lines and Dots

  • The mural’s mythical character is crafted through the skillful processing of organic lines and dots. The rich and saturated color palette breathes life into imaginative images, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

Treepack: Nurturing Nature Through Art

A Green Vision

  • Treepack, known for its commitment to nature, brings Elephantlantis to life. The mural serves as a vibrant testament to the organization’s dedication to using art as a medium to connect with and promote the beauty of the natural world.

Conclusion: Elephantlantis – A Living Tapestry of Nature and Art

Elephantlantis, emerging from the collaborative brilliance of Treepack, Gooze, and Bozik, is more than a mural; it’s a living tapestry of nature and art. In the heart of Namur’s Omalius Tunnel, the mural invites all to dive into a mythical realm where street art and the vibrancy of nature coalesce in a harmonious dance.

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