Unraveling the Street Artistry of Killingwithcuteness and Agini

gall up end flight diz steed diz cent tee meant killingwithcuteness agini

Title: gall up end flight, diz steed, diz cent tee meant

Creators: killingwithcuteness, Agini

Creator Nationality: Filipino

Creator Gender: Male

The enigmatic collaboration between Filipino street artists killingwithcuteness and Agini gave birth to an intriguing piece titled “gall up end flight, diz steed, diz cent tee meant.” Despite the mysterious nature surrounding the artists and the specific details of their collaboration, this artwork resonates within the Filipino Street Art Project based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Creators’ Identity

Regrettably, limited information exists about the identity and specifics of killingwithcuteness, adding an air of mystique to the artist’s persona. Similarly, details about Agini remain elusive, making this collaborative artwork an intriguing and somewhat cryptic addition to the street art scene.

Artistic Ambiguity

The title “gall up end flight, diz steed, diz cent tee meant” remains open to interpretation, much like the mysterious aura surrounding the creators themselves. The utilization of acrylic paint in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, provides a cryptic yet captivating addition to the local street art landscape.


The collaborative piece “gall up end flight, diz steed, diz cent tee meant” by killingwithcuteness and Agini is shrouded in mystery, with sparse details available about the creators and their artistic intent. Despite this enigmatic quality, the artwork stands as an intriguing testament to the diverse and evolving nature of Filipino street artistry.

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