Gallery Urban Forms: Sainer (Etam Cru)

gallery urban forms sainer etam cru sainer
  • Title: Gallery Urban Forms: Sainer (Etam Cru)
  • Creator: Sainer
  • Date: 2012-09
  • Physical Location: Poland, Lodz
  • Location Created: Poland, Lodz

About Sainer (Etam Cru)

Sainer, an acclaimed street artist hailing from Poland, is a prominent figure renowned for his artistic contributions, particularly as a member of the artistic duo Etam Cru. Known for his extraordinary talent and unique style, Sainer has made a significant mark in the global street art scene.

Urban Forms Gallery Exhibition

In 2012, Sainer contributed to the Urban Forms Gallery located in Lodz, Poland. The gallery served as a platform for artists to exhibit their works, embracing urban art and fostering cultural vibrancy within the city.

Etam Cru’s Signature Style

Sainer, in collaboration with Bezt (his fellow artist in Etam Cru), produced magnificent and larger-than-life murals characterized by vivid colors, intricate details, and a narrative-driven approach. Their artworks often portray captivating imagery and surreal scenes that intertwine reality and fantasy seamlessly.

Impact and Legacy

Sainer’s participation in the Urban Forms Gallery showcased his artistic prowess and reinforced his position as an influential artist within the street art community. The exhibition not only displayed his skills but also highlighted the broader significance of street art as a form of public expression.


Sainer’s involvement in the Urban Forms Gallery exhibition remains a testament to his creative brilliance and the impact of his contributions to the world of street art. His works, alongside those of Etam Cru, continue to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the urban art landscape.

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